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Sunday Special Workshops and Sessions
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Competitive Tennis Strategy to Reduce
Unforced Errors
Directional & Percentage Tennis Strategy
for Competitive Players
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Eliminating Double Faults
& Transforming
Your 2nd Serve Into a Weapon
Kick & Slice Serve Development
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Introduction to Tennis
Never Played Tennis Before or Never Been Taught Proper Technique?
Have you ever wanted to try playing tennis and see if you like it? Here's your chance!

In this 1-hour introductory lesson you will learn:
1. The basics of how to hit the ball: forehand and backhand.
2. Service for beginners | How to start a game
This introductory 1 hour session provides a great opportunity to see if you would like to start
playing or taking lessons in a group or private lesson environment.

Introduction to Tennis More Information & Reservations