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Sunday (13:00-15:00) Percentage and Directional Tennis Strategy
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Training Notes | Reducing Unforced Errors, Correct Decision Making & Point Construction

INTENSIVE TRAINING SESSIONS | Part I - Playing Rather Than Hitting the Ball During Match Play

Duration: 2 Hours | 13.00 - 15:00 | Sundays | Location: Strovolos Athletic Centre Tennis Courts

Have you ever watched a tennis match between 2 players where one is much more technically accomplished yet
they lose
(sometimes very badly) to a less seemingly capable opponent? Ever wondered how certain players seem to
grind out victories or win points by their opponent's unforced errors and/or being taken out of position stroke by stoke?

There is a BIG difference between hitting a ball and playing a ball. How many players say they can hit the ball well in
any stroke, but don’t really know exactly what to do with it during a match?

What separates consistently good players is that they don't actually make split second decisions that seem to make
sense in the moment but lead to a cascade of unforced errors. Whether the method of playing comes naturally to a
player, perhaps by watching a lot of top-level tennis, or whether it has been mentored and explained, the result is clear:
a lot less unforced errors, and creating opportunities to take advantage of opportunities to stress and  take opponents
out of position.

“Directionals” is a decision-based system of play where every shot has a tactical purpose or aim hitting
biomechanically sound shots. The result is fewer errors, more winning points, instinctive reaction, and most
importantly, focus on the ball. This system is commonly known as “Wardlaw Directional’s,” named after Brown
University Coach Paul Wardlaw, who refined the technique and made it into a teachable system that provides a basis
for decision-making.

In this  intensive class we will introduce students to a tried and tested shot selection strategy that allows a player to
understand when the best time is to change or not change the direction of the ball. Many players—including technically
sound ones—make critical mistakes by trying to pull off winning shots that aim for open spaces rather than playing the
shot that  has the highest odds of being executed well without an error. This system also allows players to naturally
take opponents out of position at the right time, opening up approach plays and volley/smash winners.

The class will be delivered by tennis coach and sports psychologist
Constantinos Tsouloupas and Constantine
. Accompanying parents are also welcome to observe the training and gain an understanding of the system.

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Feel Free to get in touch on +357 99810833 (Constantine Ioannides) or +357 99417774 (Constantinos Tsouloupas)
for any further details. Alternatively email
"I tell myself to play free, PLAY THE BALL -  DON'T  play the
Be free in your head, be free in your shots - go for it! The
brave will be rewarded here.
"  |  Roger Federer
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