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Training Notes | Reducing Double Faults & Transforming the Second Serve into a Weapon


2 Hours| Location: Strovolos Athletic Centre Tennis Courts

Although the game has changed massively over the years, one has remained the same - the second serve. It can be
the greatest asset or the most damaging liability to all who play the game with serious intent. There is an old saying
that you are only as good as your second serve -  your second serve is the cornerstone of your confidence.

The Ultimate Second Serve

The 2nd serve is the most important shot, and it is the cornerstone of your confidence. You may survive with an
average or weak second serve at a lower level (or younger age group) but in order to prosper at a higher competitive
level, you must develop your second serve into a weapon – not a weakness. The price and time it takes to achieve this
will be well worth the effort.

How well you begin the point has a significant effect on how well you end the point. Therefore, there is no excuse nor
reason for having a bad serve (inaccurate or inconsistent). YOU will only be as good as your second serve. YOU will
only be as confident as your second serve. Therefore, you should develop your second serve so that it is a major
strength and weapon in your game. 99% of the players who have an outstanding first serve, reduce the power and play
the second serve safe. When it comes down to crunch time, you need to know you can depend on a consistent,
accurate serve that carries the same pace and accuracy as your first.

Training sessions are delivered by tennis coach and sports psychologist
Constantinos Tsouloupas and Constantine

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“A lot of players are now, over the course of time - are developing
their second serve into a weapon.”
 |  Darren Cahill | ESPN
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