* IMPORTANT | COVID-19 Virus Precaution!
Please do not register for any training sessions if you (or any close family member)  have travelled to a high risk country
and/or are showing symptoms of Corona virus infection.
Improving your game - FAST
Anyone can play tennis with some rudimentary understanding of the rules, racquets, tennis balls, an opponent and
access to a court. However, to truly progress as a player there are some fundamental skills that need to be
developed to really enjoy the game at a higher level. On the road to becoming an intermediate player, you will start
developing proper technique for hitting the main tennis strokes i.e. forehand, backhand, serve and volleys. In
addition, more advanced shots can be developed such as varied serve techniques, drop shots, slices, smashes to
make you a much more formidable opponent. Our coaches will also stress the importance of doing self-
improvement exercises between lessons to greatly accelerate your progress.

The locations of  training session and courses are available here.

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